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Coffee has become a conduit for communication. It enhances connectivity, staff engagement and helps build a sense of community within an organisation. With the latest European equipment, located in an appealing space, stocked with their favourite beverages, fresh fruit and snacks, your staff will relish the opportunity to meet and progress work projects.

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Saved five hours per person per month in time spent out of the tenancy.
The chart shows the impact of CF-Direct's equipment, coffee and valet team had on the coffee consumption.
The impact on the social environment was also evident as the activity around the hubs picked up immediately.

BOQ is an Australian bank headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland.

In November 2014, with their office consolidation programme in full swing, they moved into their new premises at Newstead, Brisbane. As the anchor tenant, BOQ occupies 12,000sqm and has a workforce of nearly 1000 people. With the move, BOQ wanted to provide a better coffee solution to maximise the investment in office fit out and increase the communication around the hub spaces. 



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